Code of Conduct


Every club member shall:


  1. Act in accordance with the club constitution, club rules, club processes and procedures when participating in club events and on the way to and from club events;

  2. Ensure they do not participate in club events while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  3. Recognise the authority of the trip leader while participating in or attending a club event and follow the instructions of the trip leader;

  4. Take responsibility for their passengers safety and behaviour;

  5. Recognise the rights of land owners and enter properties only with the prior permission of the land owner;

  6. Conduct themselves on a property in accordance with the wishes and instructions of the land owner, driving only where there is specific permission given and respecting areas that are to be conserved or avoided;

  7. Respect the rights and feelings of all other users of roads, tracks and properties, keep clear of them, drive slowly and with consideration near them;

  8. Pay particular attention to environmental concerns:

  • Be conscious of the environment at all times. We enjoy access to many areas on the basis that we undertake to be considerate and protective of local flora and fauna.

  • Stay clear of all known fragile eco-systems.

  • When venturing into unknown areas, take nothing for granted. Assume all native vegetation to be endangered.

  • Note especially the following:

  • Sand Dunes, Shore Areas, Lakes, Swamps, Bogs, Native Bush and High Pasture. All of these can be home to endangered species.

  1. Recognise that access to all land is a privilege, not a right, and that abuse of access to land can lead to loss of access for everyone;

  2. Take away with them their own litter and that of their passengers;

  3. At times when not participating in club events, act in keeping with this code of conduct in respect of access to land and in a manner that will not bring the club into disrepute.