Minimum Vehicle Requirements


Club Trips:

  • Rated tow hooks front and rear

  • Fire Extinguisher (Dry Powder and no less than 2.0kg (in total) can be 2 extinguishers)

  • Roll bar/cage for all soft/open tops

  • Low Range Transfer Box

  • Good Mud Tires

  • First Aid kit and Torch

  • Working headlights and tail lights

  • Recovery strop

  • Shovel or spade

  • PRS Radio

  • Sufficient tools to perform minor repairs

  • Other requirements determined by trip leader on a case by case basis depending on nature of trip


Tough Truck Trips:

  • All of the above

  • Roll Protection

  • Good Mud Tires on bead-locked rims

  • Winch suitable for Self Recovery

  • With the approval of the Trip Leader it is acceptable to join a tough truck trip without a winch provided you “buddy up” with a suitable winch truck. Ratio of one winch truck to one non winch truck